Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mobtropolis now accessible through facebook

It took a little bit of code wrangling, but the Mayor pulled a couple of strings, and now you can add Mobtropolis as an app on Facebook!

Mobtropolis's focus isn't really about building a social network, but undeniably, friends are what bring meaning to our escapades, because they care what we do, and we like to bring them along when we go on a scene. Besides, who else are we going to brag share our accomplishments with?

However, as we already have different social networks for our dogs, our jobs, and our friends, it doesn't make sense to build another walled garden. This is why the Mayor has decided to leverage the facebook platform, so you can more easily trophy your accomplishments to your friends.

The facebook app is running off the same database as the web version. So what you do on the web version will show up in the facebook app, and vice versa. In addition, when you do things through the facebook app, your sceneshot uploads will show up on your mini-feed.

You can now also login to the web version of mobtropolis using your facebook login. All you have to do is click on the blue button, and if you're logged into facebook, it'll kick you right in.

If you still have the traditional mobtropolis account, you can still login, but it doesn't publish to your minifeed (yet).

You can merge your facebook and mobtropolis account through the facebook app, if you want things to be all together, instead of two different accounts.

Mobtropolis isn't about building out a social network, but using the ones you already have to let your friends know what you've done, and make it easier to grab your friends to go out and do something interesting with you. That way, you're well on your way to living life to the fullest with the ones that you care about. That's a step towards happiness, no?

Excited? You can view the app, or go to its about page for more info.

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